10 Things That Make Coffee so Great

There are many things that make coffee so great, and we have provided ten of them below. You might be aware that here in the UK we are a real nation of coffee lovers, but this drink is universally adored throughout the world too, and for good reason. So, sit back and relax with your favourite cup of coffee and recall all the reasons why you fell in love with this drink in the first place:

  1. Coffee tastes amazing

What makes millions of people throughout the world drink coffee every single day? It’s the taste of course! For many of us, that rich flavour and delightful aroma is something we find simply irresistible, particularly in the morning. But what makes coffee taste so amazing? Experts say that the unique taste is created through the roasting process of the beans which produce volatile compounds. This is why freshly roasted beans and freshly ground coffee tastes the best. There are ways in which you can ensure your coffee tastes great every single time. If you drink coffee from a coffee machine for example, ensuring the machine is cleaned regularly and properly maintained and serviced will result in the best-tasting coffee.

  1. Brings people together

Whether you are catching up with friends or family, having a work-related meeting, or even going on a date, choosing a place which supplies nice coffee is always a bonus. Coffee really is great for brining people together. You may even have a regular routine in which you visit a coffee shop or café on your own and speak to other like-minded coffee lovers there. Unlike with alcohol, you will not wake up with a dreaded hangover the day after a coffee-date either. Planned gatherings like coffee mornings are brilliant for bringing communities together and are a great chance for you to meet new people and discuss issues which affect your local area. Coffee is also often enjoyed with others prior to or after certain events like sporting matches or trips to the cinema or shopping etc. It really is the drink for every occasion!

  1. May give you more energy

It is a well-known fact that coffee can be effective when it comes to boosting energy levels. So, whether you need a pick-me-up in the morning or something to get you through the afternoon slump, coffee is always on-hand to give you that much needed boost. It’s the caffeine in coffee which acts as a stimulant and makes you more alert, awake and energetic. Not only will this help you get through the busy working day, but many people believe it improves performance when working out at the gym or exercising in general. So, how does coffee provide you with this energy boost? Researchers say it blocks receptors of a neurotransmitter called adenosine, a brain chemical which makes you feel tired.

  1. Might boost your mood

Coffee will not only be able to give you a physical boost but might even improve your mood too. A study suggested that consuming 75mg of caffeine (the equivalent of one cup of coffee) every four hours can result in a sustained pattern of good and positive mood throughout the day. High intakes of coffee, however, may result in anxiety and nervousness. The message here is to enjoy your cups of coffee throughout the day but just make sure that you don’t overdo it. Further studies have even suggested that a single 60mg quantity of caffeine in coffee is enough to provide an enhancement in alertness and mood.

  1. Coffee is great with food

Coffee goes well with many different types of food, both sweet and savoury. The combination of coffee and chocolate is well known, for example, with the bitterness of the coffee and sweetness of chocolate making it an irresistible combination. As a morning drink, coffee goes superbly with cereal, toast and traditional English or continental breakfasts too. Later on in the day, it can also be paired with creamy desserts or eaten straight after a main meal. If you like to munch on cereal bars, nuts or other treats at times during the day, you can’t beat a cup of coffee to wash these snacks down with. It’s true that coffee really is great with almost any type of food.

  1. You can have it just the way you like it

Whether you are a milk and two sugars kind of person or prefer coffee the way it is without anything added, the choice is yours. This means you can enjoy your coffee just the way you like it. People are often very particular about the way they take their coffee. Some like to drink it when it is piping hot or wait until it cools down a bit before taking a sip. Others like to put whipped cream on top with chocolate and sprinkles or add marshmallows for a sweet flavour and squishy texture. There really is no right or wrong way to enjoy a cup of coffee!

  1. There is so much variety

From Espresso to Flat White (mocha), Latte, Cappuccino to Americano and standard white coffee, the variety of coffee available is extensive. You may be someone who has a favourite type of coffee and chooses that particular variety every time you go out or instead, you may select whatever takes your fancy on impulse. The variety available to you is one of the many things that make coffee so great. Bean to Cup Coffee Machines provide the coffee you want at just a press of a button with all the aforementioned varieties available in addition to hot chocolate and water for soup and tea. The beans are freshly ground which provides a consistent, barista style coffee every time.

  1. Perfect if you want to have some quality ‘me-time’

We’ve already looked at how coffee is great for enjoying with others, including in the company of friends and family, but what if you would like to spend some time on your own? Relaxing peacefully with your favourite cup of coffee is one of life’s simple pleasures. Whether you are sitting by yourself in a park or town/city centre watching the world go by or putting your feet up at home, coffee makes the moment that little bit more special. You may enjoy a coffee whilst watching your favourite TV programme or listening to the music that you like, coffee really is a great drink if you are after some high-quality me-time.

  1. Can be enjoyed ‘on-the-go’

We all live busy lives and there isn’t always the time to sit whiling away the hours in our favourite café or restaurant enjoying a coffee or two. That’s not a problem because coffee is excellent for drinking on-the-go when you are out and about throughout the day. Whether you grab a quick coffee on the morning commute or make a coffee at work to take back to your office desk, coffee is excellent for drinking whilst you are busy doing something else. The proof is there, you can multi-task and still find time to drink coffee too.

  1. Available pretty much everywhere

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, there is a good chance you will be able to find a place that sells coffee. Coffee is a universally loved drink which means it is available in most places. When you are going about your day, you don’t often have to look for to find the nearest coffee machine either, whether that’s in the office, gym/leisure centre or golf club. Supplying all these places and more are commercial coffee machine supplier, Amore Coffee, who are based in the North East of England.