Who are we?

Amore Coffee offers a friendly, personal service based on our individual clients' needs

Amore Coffee specialises in bean to cup coffee machine rental for businesses all over the North East of England. We work in Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham & Middlesbrough and all of the towns and industrial estates in between.

As a business based in the North East of England, we know how important it is to be approachable and helpful. The North East is one of the friendliest regions in the UK and our coffee machine service needs to reflect this. At Amore Coffee, we go above and beyond for our clients; sometimes this involves popping over with extra coffee at a moment’s notice because a client has called to tell us they’ve run out; and sometimes it involves lending a prospective client one of our high-end coffee machines for a week so that they try it out before they start renting it from us.

Not only do we provide traditional coffee machines and bean to cup coffee machines, but we also provide industrial coffee machines, commercial coffee machines, and coffee machines for offices, golf clubs, and much more.

At Amore Coffee, we provide coffee machines for hire, lease, or sale all over the North East of England, including Newcastle, Middleborough, Sunderland, Darlington, Alnwick, Hexham, Hartlepool, and everywhere else in between.