7 Reasons to get a Bean to Cup Coffee Machine for your Business


Bean to Cup Coffee Machines can suit many different types of businesses. If you have a business and are looking for a coffee machine to meet a range of criteria, a Bean to Cup Machine provides you with a vast array of solutions. There are many reasons to choose a Bean to Cup Coffee Machine for your business and we take a look at seven of them below.

1. No Training Required

Unlike traditional coffee machines which are operated by trained baristas, there is no training required when it comes to Bean to Cup Coffee Machines. These machines are extremely easy-to-use with coffee available in around 30 seconds at the press of a button.

Without the need to train your staff to operate these machines it will save you both time and money. Following the initial setup from the coffee machine supplier, all you have to do is keep the coffee beans and powdered milk topped up!

2. Good Investment and Profit-Making Opportunity

If you are looking to acquire a coffee machine for your office so that your staff and visitors can enjoy a cup of coffee when they like, this can be a great investment as it can boost morale leading to a more productive and professional environment.

If you own a café, restaurant, or bar then you are likely to be looking to sell the coffee produced by your bean-to-cup coffee machine. By selling enough cups of coffee you will be able to make a nice profit too. Many machines come with the option of adding a coin-operated unit.

3. Time Efficient

As we have already mentioned, it is much quicker to make a cup of coffee with a bean to cup machine opposed to a traditional espresso maker. It could therefore be a better option if you run a busy shop, cafe or restaurant and need to serve a lot of customers in a short period of time.

In offices and workplaces your staff will spend less time away from their desks than they would waiting for a kettle to boil or searching for that last jar of coffee! It really is a win-win solution for both you and your staff.

4. Minimal Clutter and Mess

Firstly, Bean to Cup Coffee Machines are available in a range of streamlined designs and they take up a small amount of space, particularly in comparison to Traditional machines. There are also different models to choose from, which vary in size from small to larger models, meaning there is sure to be a machine which fits your available space perfectly.

Bean to Cup Coffee Machines also create less mess than alternatives. If you have worked in an office which relies on a single jar of instant coffee to be shared by a large number of people then you would have no doubt witnessed coffee granules all over the worktop, milk spillages and general mess around that area. With the Bean to Cup system the machine does all the work and therefore reduces mess and provides a tidier workspace.

5. Great Choice of Coffee and Hot Drinks

It might just be one coffee machine, but it offers a great amount of choice when it comes to coffee and hot drinks. It is likely that your staff or your customers will get bored of drinking the same thing every time, and the good news is that they won’t have to with a Bean to Cup Coffee Machine.

Among the drinks you can expect from a Bean to Cup Coffee Machine are Espresso, Cappuccino, Mocha or Flat White, Hot Chocolate, Latte, White Coffee, Americano and also hot water for tea and soup. There really is something for everyone with Bean to Cup Coffee Machines.

6. They Look Fantastic

Bean to Cup Coffee Machines have a sleek and contemporary appearance which enhances the look of any room. The modern Italian design produces a classy style which fits perfectly within a range of interiors.

This stylish aesthetic means these coffee machines look the part in offices, cafes, restaurants and wherever else they are used. The streamlined design of these machines also helps to create an understated quality.

7. Low Maintenance

This type of coffee machine requires very little maintenance too with the filling up of ingredients, such as coffee beans and powdered milk, only taking a few seconds. Bean to Cup Coffee Machines don’t require a lot of cleaning either.

The initial setup will be carried out by your coffee machine supplier, who should advise you regarding the best water-supply option between plumbed-in and refillable tank. Once you are setup you are ready to go, Bean to Cup machines really are a hassle-free option!

Where Can I get a Bean to Cup Coffee Machine for my Business?

If you are based in the North East, Amore Coffee offers you a great amount of choice when it comes to acquiring a Bean to Cup Coffee Machine for your business. Not only do you have a number of different machines to select from but there are also flexible payment options available too. The experts at Amore will also help you to decide which machine and plan is right for your business. Here are the options below:

Leasing a Coffee Machine from Amore

With this option you pay a monthly or quarterly amount to a third-party leasing company. Leasing a coffee machine is a very flexible option as you can choose the length of your lease term which is typically between three and five years.

Renting a Coffee Machine from Amore

Through our rental plans you can enjoy the benefits which come from having a fully maintained coffee machine without the initial outlay. As part of our rental package, you are required to pay a monthly fee over a set period. There are also packages in which you only pay ‘per cup’ dispensed.

Buying a Coffee Machine from Amore

You can buy coffee machines direct from Amore and this will mean you will own the machine outright. You can also claim capital allowances against this purchase.

It gets even better because Amore will also:

Deliver and Install your Bean to Cup Coffee Machine for free and provide full servicing, warranty, free parts, labour and call outs.

Provide enough ingredients for 1000 drinks in addition to 500 takeaway cups and lids completely free. We also supply a crockery start-up set for bars and restaurants.

Ensure you always have enough coffee beans and ingredients available with our next day delivery service. We’ll also provide a monthly on-site Hygiene and Machine MOT visit too.

Supply Coffee Beans which are roasted every four weeks to ensure maximum freshness. We also offer a free taster session at our Swalwell office.