Approved Used Coffee Machines


Why not take out an Approved Used Coffee Machine on an initial 3-month trial?
Find out the benefits of having a coffee machine in the workplace that provides delicious coffee every time.
Fully refurbished complete with full 12 month’s manufacturer’s guarantee.
Pay Monthly Coffee Machines

Spread the cost of your coffee machine lease or hire with pay monthly plans, to suit any business, from Amore. Our Approved Used refurbished coffee machines are a fantastic option for a wide range of businesses looking for a low-cost coffee machine solution.

These Bean to Cup Coffee Machines are so easy to use, with no training required, making them ideal for offices, leisure centres, schools, golf clubs etc.

High-Quality Used Commercial Coffee Machines

We have a range of ex demonstration and ex lease coffee machines which we strip down and restore to factory standard. They are as good as new but nowhere near the price. We guarantee these machines and you’ll not be charged for any call out, breakdown or machine replacement etc.

If you are on the lookout for a coffee machine for your business in the North East including Newcastle, Sunderland, Gateshead and Middlesbrough, our approved used and ex demo coffee machines might just be the perfect option.

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Book Initial 3-Month Trial

£190 (+£8 VAT) Per Month

— No Credit History Required

— Includes 400 FREE Coffees

— Includes Free Install

— Free Ongoing Maintenance


*Options available to extend the trial period


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Our Guaranteed Promise

Highest Quality Coffee Machines Supplies

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What we offer

Amore Coffee will ensure your equipment consistently operates efficiently and is always kept up to date, so you can keep your staff satisfied with freshly ground coffee, tea, or delicious hot chocolate, every day.
  • Best coffee machines
  • Great selection of other drinks
  • Freshly roasted coffee
  • Easy online ordering
  • Finance options inc. lease & rental
  • Next-day delivery on consumables
  • Onsite maintenance & cleaning
  • Corporate social responsibility

Coffee Machine Highlights

Deployment Areas:

Because of the machine’s compact size and easy to use push-button beverage selection controls, this machine is ideally suited for standalone hospitality self-service areas. Such areas can include (but are no means limited to):

  • Offices
  • Self-Service Restaurant Counters
  • Hotel Buffet Areas
  • Reception Areas & Self-Catering Communal Dining Areas

Other Uses for This Machine

A unique feature of this machine is that, should you not have direct access to a cold water supply, it is also available in a version with a removable water tank. The tank holds sufficient water to supply approx.

15 x 8 fl-oz cups of coffee before requiring refilling. You can of course have one plumbed for the duration of your lease but you are fully covered for ALL parts, labour and servicing of your machine.

We do this by ensuring that only the finest qualities of ingredients are used and by maintaining regular contact with your machine. The monthly leasing costs above INCLUDE all servicing, call-out charges and engineer visits throughout the duration of your lease on the basis that you continue to buy your ingredients from us.


  • Height 610mm
  • Width 330mm
  • Depth 530mm

Hourly drink capacity:

  • 60 drinks

Approx number of drinks before refilling:

  • 100 drinks

Drinks Selection: (Fresh Bean)

  • Espresso
  • Cappuccino
  • Mocha or Flat White* (new)
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Latte
  • White Coffee
  • Americano
  • Hot Water for Tea or Soup

At Amore Coffee, we are redefining the self-service coffee experience. by pairing the most robust and state-of-the-art dispensing technology with the world’s finest coffee bean varieties. This is why with every new Bean To Cup installation, we also offer:

  • Enough Ingredients for 1,000 Drinks Completely Free
  • A Free Coffee Tasting Session at Our Swalwell office
  • Completely Free Installation & Delivery of Each B2C Machine
  • 500 Takeaway Cups & Lids Free
  • Free Monthly On-site Hygiene and Machine MOT Visit
  • Coffee Beans Roasted Every 4 Weeks to Ensure Maximum Freshness
  • Next Day Delivery Available For Coffee Beans & Ingredients
  • Crockery Start-Up Set
  • 7-Day On Hand Technical Telephone Support

Most importantly of all, each of our coffee machines is available for lease, rent, and purchase, with no separate maintenance contracts applicable.

Where should we start when choosing our new coffee machine?

Get in touch and arrange your free on-site visit where we’ll look at your requirements, make suggestions and walk you through the process step by step. When we leave you’ll have the best ideas, recommendations and pricing options tailor-made for your offices. We’ll also help you plan from the beginning if fresh coffee is new to your office.

Do I have to buy our coffee machine outright?

You can, but very few of our customers do. We offer lease, and rental options, and all-inclusive packages, which are adopted by over 80% of our customers.

Why should I rent an approved used coffee machine?

If you are a new business with no trading history or struggle to get a credit rating for whatever reason, renting one of our approved used coffee machines is the best option for you. Following your initial 3-month trial, our rolling monthly rental plan will ensure you have a great amount of flexibility.

This option enables you to gain the benefit of having a working and fully maintained coffee machine without the initial outlay. You pay a monthly charge for the equipment for a designated rental period. We can also offer packages where we supply all stock and you only pay ‘per cup’ dispensed.

After renting a used coffee machine for a period of time you may decide that this is a viable long-term investment for your business. A lease plan might be the best route for your business at this point and we will therefore be happy to discuss these options with you.

Why should I lease an approved used coffee machine?

If you are an established business which has been operating for a number of years, leasing an approved used coffee machine will probably be the best option for you. We recommend the lease option to businesses who want to pay a fixed rate over a longer period which is typically between three to five years.

You even have the choice to pay either monthly or quarterly. You lease the machine through a third-party company and can offset all payments against future taxable revenues as it is considered as a business expense. The advantage of this is that if you are trading profitably, the government enable you to claim back all leasing charges against your future tax bill.

Further advantages are that you can upgrade or change your equipment at any time meaning you always have the option to have the latest and best-suited model available for your needs. This also leaves your business free working capital.

Do I need a mains water supply?

It’s certainly preferable, but all of our machines can operate from pump-fed bottled water giving complete flexibility of location.

Is aftercare included?

As long as you are a paying customer of ours and continue to buy your ingredients from us your coffee machine is under our full guarantee. Simples. If there’s a problem, we fix it at no cost to you. It’s an all-inclusive service and offers you complete peace of mind. This includes regular servicing, all call- outs and all parts. You will never have a service or repair bill to pay.

  • A large variety of coffee – Our coffee machines dispense a wide variety of coffees, including the following: lattes, cappuccinos, espressos, macchiatos, mochas, and the classic white or black options. Our machines offer a huge selection of coffee so that your customers have a lot to choose from.
  • Quick to make – Our coffee machines dispense each beverage extremely quickly. Our machines make bean-to-cup, barista-style coffee in around 30 seconds – oh, and hot chocolate as well!
  • Low maintenance – Our coffee machines require very minimal maintenance, and topping up your ingredients takes only a matter of seconds.
  • Modern aesthetic – Our coffee machines look great wherever they are in your establishment. They have a modern, Italian design, that will add a little class to your kitchen or bar.
  • Coin-operated options – Most of our coffee machines have the option of adding a coin-operated unit. Whether you choose to make a profit from your coffee, or just cover your costs, it’s completely up to you.
  • Water supply options – Our coffee machines come in two main varieties: plumbed-in, or refillable tank-fed. If you’re unsure about which kind would best suit your office, get in touch with the friendly folk here at Amore Coffee and we’ll come in and offer some free advice.

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