Coffee machines for Technology Companies

Amore Coffee supply many of the North East technology companies with coffee machines for their offices.

Our wide range of bean to cup coffee machines means we can match your business needs with the best coffee machine for you. We will supply all the accessories and coffee supplies your machine will need, from delicious coffee beans, milk, hot chocolate, and tea. Amore Coffee is always on hand to make sure you have everything you need to provide delicious coffee to your staff on a daily basis. With free installation, free maintenance, free training and low-cost rental and lease deals, you could have a new coffee machine installed this week.

It couldn’t be simpler to enjoy delicious coffee in your office every day!

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Visit our office and have Sep or Simon personally prepare your speciality coffee of choice, have a chat and sample our different blends to select your favourite. Want us to come to you? Get in touch and we will make it happen.

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What’s the difference between a traditional espresso coffee machine and a bean to cup coffee machine? Which is best for my business? We answer all those questions and more…


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Our coffee solutions are perfect for Technology Companies

Sitting down at a desk all day or even if you’re in long meetings, a little caffeine boost goes a long way.

Did you know on average that your staff or employees spend around £5 a day on two coffees and an average of 30 minutes away from their desk? That’s £1200 per annum and a lot of hours they could be working. Can you give your staff a £1200 raise? No, but you can help them save £1200.

From 20p per cup, you and your staff can be spending less time making coffee. The best part is our coffee is as good as any high street chain. We know, we supply some of them. It’s freshly ground and with the best ingredients.

Got a meeting planned with a new client? With a push of a button, you can get the meeting started quicker, within seconds, whilst your staff can get back to their tasks.

Start your meetings and your day off on the right foot with delicious fresh coffee at the touch of a button.

Coffee machines for all types of Technology Companies

Our mission here at Amore Coffee is to make sure you have all the knowledge and the options available to help you make the best choice of coffee machine for your office.

Our range of touch of a button stylish machines means we can provide all types of offices with a coffee solution no matter your budget. You could be a hairdresser looking to provide quick and delicious coffee to your customers or a multi-floor office with hundreds of staff, our expertise in office coffee solutions helps us provide you with the best possible coffee solution.

Amore Coffee will ensure your equipment consistently operates efficiently and is always kept up to date, so you can keep your staff satisfied with freshly ground coffee, tea, or delicious hot chocolate, every day.



Bean to cup

The K1 has at its core the same internal mechanisms that power much larger machines and the patented brewer system ensures perfect coffee time after time.
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Bean to cup

The K2 builds on the strengths of its smaller sibling and adds the possibility of offering two different cup sizes of coffee or hot chocolate drinks.
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Bean to cup

The K3 machine is ideally suited to the larger office or outlet where the maximum choice of drinks is required.
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Bean to cup

This professional machine incorporates the latest in touch-screen technology working in conjunction with super fast processing power.
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Bean to cup

The K5 is designed to provide a constant supply of freshly ground coffee with little maintenance throughout the day.
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With the T1, you can benefit from a fully featured coffee machine capable of meeting your espresso, cappuccino, and other beverage needs, in as compact a space as possible.
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Ex Demonstrator Coffee Machines Sale


Bean to cup

We are currently updating our range of demonstration machines and are able to offer vastly reduced prices on our outgoing models.
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Approved Used Coffee Machines


Bean to cup

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Visit our showroom and have Sep or Simon personally prepare your speciality coffee of choice, have a chat and sample our different blends to select your favourite.

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